New Resource: Hispanic Cultural Competency Collection

The Hispanic Cultural Competency Collection is a new resource of short videos from native Spanish-speakers who responded to prompts about 41 different cultural themes that included aspects about perspective, practices, and products. The prompts and short comprehension questions are provided in English to help focus students. Please encourage others to record more videos via https://flipgrid.com/hispanicculturalcc to provide our students with more perspectives from the Spanish-Speaking world.


Reflection 2021-22 Spanish Level IV

My final post from this reflection series is about my 2021-22 year in Spanish IV with my intermediate students. The post talks about the Ohio Seal of Biliteracy, using student data, developing thought, my core classroom values, discussion days, honing communication based on novice topics, and finding a happy balance. Thanks for reading. Gary

MASTERY LEARNING using High-Frequency Verb Quizzes 

The 2021-22 school year provided me a chance to try out ideas with MASTERY LEARNING and a policy about retaking assessments until an 80% average was reached. I used this idea consistently throughout the whole year with both my Spanish II and IV classes, and I am very pleased with the results. One of the …

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Aha! Moments from IFLT 2022

Aha! Moments from IFLT 2022 I am so grateful to have returned to an in-person training conference. IFLT 2022 in Saline, Michigan gave us all an opportunity to get refreshed and ready for a fantastic 2022-23 school year. Over the past 6 years, IFLT has implemented a trifecta training model where teachers observe other teachers …

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