About Gary

Gary DiBianca is a Spanish teacher, presenter, world language consultant and coach, and AP reader. He has presented nationally and regionally on acquisition and brain-based strategies in the world language classroom, big picture planning and unit design, pre-AP vertical alignment and the 21st Century World Language Standards, the inclusion of topics of diversity in the curriculum, and teaching with TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Storytelling) and comprehensible input. As a world language coach, he works with teachers at the IFLT conference and as the Co-coordinator for coaching at the national NTPRS conference. He has also served on the state of Ohio’s World Language Model Curriculum Committee. Gary’s current project includes working on the team for the digital AP Spanish text: Nuestra Historia AP: Aprender y Preparar.

Gary is the Co-Chair of GLSEN Northeast Ohio and is a national Safe Space and Schools Trainer, working to assure that educators and schools have the knowledge, strategies, and policies to best meet the needs of LGBTQ students. Gary spent eleven years working as a teacher, chair, and director at an independent school, has taught Spanish at the university level, and is currently starting his sixth year at Orange High School, a public school in Northeast Ohio.

In his free time, Gary enjoys going to the theatre, quoting musicals (which will be evident in this Blog), traveling, trying new art projects, and eating at new restaurants.