Here are some resources that I hope others can use and possibly be the spark of creation for something new in your classroom.


Structures Presented Teacher Log

List of Words on My Walls (English)

Presentational Speaking and Writing Rubrics 2017 (Word Docx)

Presentational Speaking and Writing Rubrics 2017 (PDF)

Word Relations & Connections List for Spanish

Story, Context, and Structure Creation 

Verbs for Story and Structure Creation

55 Problems to Use for Story Creation

Spanish Songs 

Defying Gravity from Wicked the musical / En Contra de la Gravedad Lesson 

Defying Gravity Spanish GD (Word Docx)

Compilation of Ideas from World Language Sessions on Being Culturally Responsive in the World Language Classroom 2015-2017

Post Handout – Being Culturally Responsive in WL Classroom