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Courses and Trainings:

Join Teri Wiechart and I this August our new Online Virtual Course: Teaching Towards Language Acquisition in the Midst of Covid

Your workshops are some of the best ones I have taken.  I find your ideas and presentations very helpful and inspiring, which is why I repeated this course.   

* Presenters: Teri Wiechart and Gary DiBianca

* Dates: Three intro sessions, August 3, 4 and 5; two follow-up, August 29 and September 26.

* Location: Zoom

* Times: 8:30-12:30 PM with breaks and breakout sessions

*Please register by July 29.

LIMITED TO 16 participants.


(Grad credit from Ashland University available for an extra fee.1 hour credit for the 5 sessions, or 2 credits available if also attending a 6th session in the spring–TBD.  Details will be shared once you have registered.)

During these uncertain times in education, we as world language teachers have been asked to teach in a new virtual way while still trying to develop our students’ language proficiency. Over the past six years, we have created a professional development model that not only trains teachers how to teach for language acquisition but also provides the needed on-going support during the first quarter of the school year. This year although our program will look and feel different, we will host our sessions virtually through Zoom over the course of the first quarter, we will still focus on how to teach with language acquisition at the core of how to build student proficiency and cultural knowledge and of course, we will also incorporate how to do this virtually. Through modelling via our online platform, we hope to show language teachers how to use target language and Comprehensible Input while helping students reach the standards and communicate with ease and confidence.

The course will include:

1.Paradigm shifts for teaching language in the 21st Century,

2.Building relationships and a community with students, including but not limited to, virtual teaching,

3.Using Kinesthetic Actions and Gestures through TPR,

4.Contextualizing stories and narrative (TPRS),

5.Questioning strategies that keep the classroom in the target language 90%+, 

6.Incorporating the new (2020) ODE World Language Standards, ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines, and Intercultural I Cans.

7.Reading strategies,

8.Other activities that deliver rich target language, with embedded culture, 



-TPRS and TCI Strategies – Day Long Presentations

-Personalized Trainings, Coaching and Consulting with co-presenter and consultant Teri Wiechart

These are presentations/workshops that I have presented around the country:

  • Being Culturally Responsive in the World Language Classroom
  • Teaching the National Standards 5 C’s in the CI Classroom
  • Lesson Planning and Unit Design with TCI in Mind
  • Pre-AP Unit: My Values, My Perspective and My Goals – OFLA (‘14)
  • Upper Level Strategies using TCI/TPRS
  • Circling: a Technique for Asking Questions
  • Blending MovieTalk and Embedded Readings
  • A Great Avenue: Helping Students Acquire Language while Learning Content and Culture
  • Brain-Based Teaching and TPRS: a Mind Blowing Experience
  • ¿Hay otro modo de ser?: Teaching the Lives and Struggles of Hispanic Women in an Upper Level Spanish Class
  • Socratic Circles 2.0 – Using Socratic Seminars in the World Language Classroom with co-presenter Amy Wopat
  • Coaching for Coaches Full Day Workshop with co-presenter Amy Wopat
  • Strategies for Finding Common Ground for Diverse Departments