Since 2011, it has been a privilege to be a part of the National NTPRS Coaching Team and for many years also on the IFLT Coaching team. This group of dedicated teachers have the goal of providing a safe environment for teachers to practice new ADI, TPRS and/or TCI skills.

As a team, we know how important it is to stand up and practice instead of simply hearing about or watching others teach with ADI/TPRS/TCI. At each of the conferences (and there are many other conferences, trainings and PLCs that include coaching), we are there to support learners and guide them when needed. Our current model is an experience for all participants because all participants will reflect on the positive aspects of the coachee’s teaching. A coach is there to help guide the coachee and/or offer some tips for meeting the coachee’s personal goal.

Let us Coaches Entertain You:

Special Message: We’re better Coaches than singers but if we can get up and do this in front of 400 participants, you can all get up with us and practice your new ADI/TPRS/TCI skills and strategies!  Keep practicing throughout the year and LET IT FLOW! 

Coaching Team IFLT 2022: Song – Super Acquisition Driven Students Needing Input 2022

Coaching Team NTPRS 2019:  CI FAMILY 2019

Coaching Team NTPRS 2018: Our CI Superhero Medley from 2018

Coaching Team NTPRS 2017: Song – Let It Flow

Coaching Team NTPRS 2016: Song – Who You Gonna Call?