Webinar Online Now: Keeping CI Simple for Students

As the end of Quarter 1 is around the corner, I wanted to post this webinar that I did for Teacher’s Discovery last month on Facebook Live.

For this webinar I wanted to focus on Simple CI in the classroom. I always have to remind myself how challenging it might be for students to focus during target language instruction. For many students their stamina for focus also lacks in their first language, let alone in a second. For this webinar, I dedicated time to 6 topics for Keeping CI Simple for Students (and teachers):

  1. Training Yourself and Your Students
  2. Chunking Language
  3. Timing your Lessons
  4. Reusing Language
  5. Reading Language
  6. Assessing Language

The full description of the webinar is below. Also know that there are so many other free webinars by terrific presenters on Teacher’s Discovery YouTube Channel. Take a look whenever you want to include something new in your classes or you need a peptalk or boost to keep going on a challenging day. Remember we all have challenging days and we need to support one another.

Peace, Gary
Check out the Webinar Here:

Keeping CI Simple for Students
While teaching with comprehensible input can be overwhelming for teachers, it can be even more overwhelming for students. When working with novice or intermediate learners who are not accustomed to target language teaching, we must scaffold the learning experiences so students can follow along and build the stamina needed for staying engaged during a class. This webinar will present various ideas and strategies for using simple stories and contexts to aid in language acquisition.

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