Free Webinar this Week: Keeping CI Simple for Students

On Thursday, Sept. 12 at 4:00 PM Eastern Time, I will do a free webinar on the Teacher’s Discovery and Voces Digital Facebook Pages: . If you are interested in the topic, please consider checking it out.

If you cannot make it, it says that it will be archived on the Teacher’s Discovery Youtube Channel in the future.

Keeping CI Simple for Students

Gary DiBianca | Keeping CI Simple for Students

While teaching with comprehensible input can be overwhelming for teachers, it can be even more overwhelming for students. When working with novice or intermediate learners who are not accustomed to target language teaching, we must scaffold the learning experiences so students can follow along and build the stamina needed for staying engaged during a class. This webinar will present various ideas and strategies for using simple stories and contexts to aid in language acquisition.

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