New Resource: Hispanic Cultural Competency Collection

Attention Spanish Teachers:

Two years ago, I embarked on this project with the support from so many. It was my goal to offer a resource of short videos from native Spanish-speakers who responded to prompts about 41 different cultural themes that included aspects about perspective, practices, and products. I called the endeavor: The Hispanic Cultural Competency Collection. I am finally releasing this resource with links to the short videos and very simple focus questions in English. It is my hope that as a community we can try to encourage others to record more videos via to provide our students with more perspectives from the Spanish-Speaking world. 

I plan to use a few of these videos each week to build my students’ cultural competency and listening abilities. I certainly know there could be more done with each video and more questions created, but in helping develop student’s proficiency, I think fewer questions help students focus in a better way.

Again, please know it is my goal to continue to add videos to this project. Consider sharing this information with native Spanish-speakers or helping me spread the word through any other outlets. Here is an updated post that describes the project:  

Enjoy this new resource “The Hispanic Cultural Competency Collection” that I had said would be available free to all teachers:  

One thought on “New Resource: Hispanic Cultural Competency Collection

  1. Adriana Soria

    This is a great collection and I deeply appreciate your generosity and disposition to share your work. I imagine you invested lots of time to research each topic and the final product is amazing. Thank you!


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