Let the Coaching Team Remind You: WE ARE A CI FAMILY

Let this be a little source of inspiration as we all head back to the classroom. This is the NTPRS 2019 Coaching Team reminding us that WE ARE A CI FAMILY. All of the Coaching Team Members from NTPRS, IFLT, AGEN, and any other conferences or PLCs using our Coaching pod model want you to know that we are always here to support you. We are so lucky to have the Facebook Groups, Twitter, and Blogs to help us out. But remember not to compare yourselves to the all of these other teachers. As teachers learning new skills and implementing new ideas, we take risks daily. Many times these risks result in meh experiences, sometimes failure, sometimes GOLD, but most times they are experiences that we know need polishing. The reality is we are all learning and all of us, Coaches included, are honing our craft to build relationships and community with our students while helping them acquire language.

If you are new to teaching with CI, TPRS, ADI (Acquisition Driven Instruction), be kind to yourself and gentle. Start SIMPLY, GO SLOWLY when speaking with students, and only do the amount that you can handle in any given class period. Just keep extending your target language use with a focus on student comprehension as your body and voice allow and as your student’s attention will allow. Like any sport or fine art, it takes practice and a lot of work to improve and like sports and the fine arts, good coaches and mentors can help us all grow. Remember your CI Family and the Coaching Team is here for you this year virtually and throughout the year at most world language conferences.

Here is our 2019 NTPRS COACHING TEAM song: CI FAMILY

For some more inspiration, check out other songs from former NTPRS Conferences. Remember we are CI Coaches and not singers, but we put ourselves out there and perform so all learners at our conferences see us standing and doing something that is uncomfortable for us but we do it! We know you can get up and practice your CI skills with us during our Coaching Sessions and better yet, daily in your classrooms. As we work on and practice our skills, we all get better. Have a wonderful school year helping your students acquire language!

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