Free Story-Scripts, Question Randomizers, and COMPREHENDED! 2021

I cannot believe it has been a year since last year‘s Comprehensible Online Conference, now known as Comprehended, launched. It was pre-pandemic and none of us thought our lives nor our schools would look the way they currently do.

Last year for my online webinar for the conference, I shared six story asking scripts that can be used with students to help co-create a story. The simple scripts provide many variables that teachers can give students that will aid and encourage the co-collaboration of a story. One thing I did with the help of some of my fellow CI teachers from Northeast Ohio is provide circling questions for each variable. These are provided in English to help a teacher as they go and they learn the process.

Asking a story and asking questions are not easy tasks. I feel practice does make perfect and this strategy will help to build the skills to stay in the target language. Believe me, it takes time and even those of us that use this strategy do not always ask enough questions or vary our questions enough. I hope this set of stories can help you along your journey.

Resource: Six Story-Scripts for Asking and Co-Creating a Story

I also wanted to share these two Wheel Decide randomizers that I created for asking questions. The first one simply goes through the different types of questions for subjects, objects, and verbs. Just spin the wheel and then ask that type of question to help with varying your questions for students. The second wheel also includes choices for adding details and other information that goes beyond the subject, object, and verb. If you are still not sure about asking questions in the circling style, please check out the 6 story script resource that does provide details on asking questions.

Wheel Decide Randomizers for Asking Questions:



Also, if you have not heard of the COMPREHENDED! Conference, I just looked through the presentations and wow, the variety is incredible! Plus, this year there are weekly live sessions that you can attend on weekends. Find more information here for this very affordable and self-driven PD experience.


If you haven’t already registered, come join the fun! Use coupon code 25OFF to save $25 off registration. 3-, 6-, and 9-month access passes available. Over 80 hours of Professional Development.University Credits are available:

All my best, Gary

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